Samavasaran for a Tirthankar

Samavasaran (assembly Hall) is a place from where Tirthankars preach religious sermons to the people.

The Samavasaran is a three-layered circular structure with a sacred Ashok tree at its center. It is created for a Tirthankar’s sermon soon after he attains Keval-jnän .

The Samavasaran is either circular or square. There are three enclosures. The lowest one is made of silver, the middle one is made of gold, and the uppermost is made of precious stones like diamonds. The lower most enclosure serves as a parking ground for the conveyances of heavenly beings and human beings, the middle one is meant for animals, and the third and the uppermost for heavenly beings and human beings.

Grand Entrance of the Samavasaran
arranged by the heavenly beings or devas

The sermon is delivered to hundreds of animals and a vast throng of heavenly gods, ascetics and lay people.

During the sermon a Tirthankar always presided facing East but the Devas (heavenly gods) created three replicas of him facing other three directions, so that the assembly of heavenly beings, humans and animals could see and listen to a Tirthankar’s sermon in harmony. Tradition has it that once an Arihanta (Jina) attains Keval-jnän he gives sermons several times a day in the local language of the people, which was Ardha-Mägadhi Präkrit.

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