Moral Skits

The skits below have been taken from the book "Jain Moral Skits" compiled by the Jaina Education Committee in 2004. They have not been edited in any way.

Jealousy leads to ...


Sharing is Caring

Honesty is the Best Policy

Kindness leads to Friendship

Name Calling is not Nice

Showing off is not Nice

Pouting is not Pleasant

Tattling is not Good

Pure Thoughts for a Pure Heart


Humility subdues Ego

Thankfulness leads to Contentment

Compassion is the way to go

Contentment is the Way to Happiness

Sharing is more fun

Respect All - Big and Small

Learning Responsibility

Always be Merciful

Be Responsible for your Own Action

Stand up for your Beliefs

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

Understanding Prayers

Bhagawan Mahavir, Our Idol